A Week in Twitter

Twitter, at first, was something that I was intimidated by just because of the meer fact that I thought that it was odd telling complete strangers the every day goings ons in my life.  I heard of all of the potential benefits just I was just too weiry to reach out, which is something that must be done in order to obtain information yourself.  I am used to having the material presented to me so this experience was certainly new for me.  I am fully aware that I must learn to network and reach out to people, especially considering the line of work that I am currently planning on entering.  I do like the fact that many important people, President Obama and Hilary Clinton, are involved in twitter and this could prove to be a sign that twitter willeventually catch on on a broader scale much in the way which facebook did.  All things considered, I can say that I did not put as much effort into the endeavor as maybe I should have, but I can say that I will continue with twitter and maybe myelf and the rest of the world can catch on about the same time.  I can certainly understand the many ways in which twitter can be beneficial and I plan on taking full advantage of the vast wealth of knowledge and opportunity which only needs to be reached out for.  I still am not really convinced that i should let people that I have never seen before in on my daily life, but who is to say I cant change.


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