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Twitter Round 2

April 22, 2009

twitterFor class, we had to get back into the twitter world. This time around, I felt that the experience was alot better because I was more familiar with the goings on of the network. I have noticed that since we were first assigned to tweet, the world as a whole has more caught on to the trend. This made it better to me because there were more people available that I wanted to follow. Professional athletes and businesses are just a few of the groups that have made their presence on twitter felt and this only adds to the experience. The more widely diverse the people that are available, the more diverse the information that you can gain from it. I still only see twitter as a social network and have still yet to get the full fledged wealth of information that is avaiable, but the more comfortable that I become with it, the more I can gain out of it. This second run through has opened me up more than before and I think that I will maintain a strong presence after this because I am actually starting to enjoy it.
another part of this particular assignment was to find three more PR professionals to follow, and then give reasons why we selected them. The three I have chosen were each picked for their own particular reason. The first one that i selected was  @j9PR, based in New York. The reason that i chose this is because it is a fashion and beauty pr firm. This was something that i have no experience with so I thought it would be a good choice. The tweeter also has a strong twitter presence and has a few tweets to President Obama asking how he plans to help small businesses. This shows that the firm is dedicated to its clients, a very good trait to have. The next is NVSPR @NVSPR, They are based out of LA. What drew me to them was the fact that a majority of their tweets were plugs for their clients or either words on their own success. This gives off the idea once again that the client comes first, but also that this is a confident, powerful firm who definately has some things from which I can learn. The third is @jrpublicity. This firm has two offices, one in San Diego, and the other in New York.  This is what drew me to them, the fact that they get feed from both sides of the country, which differ greatly, so this is very important.  They are a lifestyle firm that represents restuarants, night clubs, ect.  This interested me because it is something that I have though about doing myself.  They post tweets on specials that their clients are having, using twitter as their own form of advertising, which is a brilliant idea.  I have gotten alot more out of twitter this time and I plan to use it for the future, hopefully gaining something that can help me with my professional career.

You can find me at @cjustin101 on Twitter.


Interview with a PR professional

April 8, 2009

When I was considering who I wanted to interview for this assignment, I immediately thought of my good friend Kyle Calloway.  Kyle and I attended the same high school, although he graduated three years before me.  He is now currently employed as an insurance represenative for an insurance company in the local area.  He asked the that exact name of the company not be mentioned, so i will oblidge with his request.  We sat down for lunch one day for a Q&A and this is that interview.

Justin Pilgrim (me): So Kyle, what first got you interested in this line of work?

KC: That’s easy.  ever since I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do is talk, so I figured why not make it my living.  I enjoy it and it is constantly changing.  That excitement makes it very appealing.

JP: What would you say is the most important thing someone that is entering the field should know?

KC: I would have to say that you will not always succeed.  People sometimes are rock solid about how they feel and no matter what you do or say, some people will just never change.  That rejection was the toughest thing for me to cope with, but if I had known it was coming, I could have been more prepared for it.  Just be ready for it, it will happen.

JP: well now that we know the worst part, what would you say is the most rewarding part?

KC: The most rewarding part is definately the fact that you learn something new every day.  I am constantly talking to new people who are full of new ideas.  I try to keep an open mind and take as much from each of those conversations as possible.

JP: Speaking of new things, I know that it is not so much new to you as it is to the older people in your field, but how do you feel about various social networks, facebook, twitter, ect.?

KC: Like you said, I have been around things like this for years so it’s just normal for me, but for the older people i work with it can be a chore.  I think they are definatley a valuable tool just because it makes meeting new people so much easier.  Every new person you meet knows something that you don’t, its these little things that will help you succeed.  My motto in life is that you should try to learn something new every day, and these things definately help with that.

JP: This sounds like solid advice.  Is there anything else that you want to tell anyone that wants to go into the PR field?

KC: I have pretty much given you all the advice I have.  Be ready for rejection because it will come, I promise.  Be open to suggestions, everyone has something that you can take from them that can help you, no matter what.  I guess my best advice is to be able to adapt.  The world around us is always changing, and we have to be able to change with it.

Ten Tips for Job Interviews

March 2, 2009

1) The first tip for job interviewing is to appear professional. This requires showing up on time, dressed appropriately, and practicing proper ettiquite (standing when someone enters the room, ect.)
2) The second step is to have a good resume prepared that will catch the attention on the future employer. This is necessary to even get the interview.
3) The third tip is to be persistant, sending thank you letters to the people that interviewed you. This reminds the employer who you are.
4) The fourth tip is to dress professionally, regardless to the dress of the people currently working there. They already have the job.
5) The fifth tip is to alert your references that they may receive a call regarding you. The more prepared they are, the better reference they are.
6) The sixth tip is to silence your phone before entering the interview. This is the most important thing going on and you do not need any interuptions.
7) Do your research on the company. Make sure the company does not practice anything that you are not morally willing to do.
8) Be aware if relocation is necessary. You do not want to receive the job and then be forced to give it up because you are not ready to move.
9) Know how to properly pronouce the names of all the interviewers. Nothing is as awkward as mispronouncing someones name to their face.
10) Finally, relax. They asked you in for the interview so you must possess some qualities that they like, so just be yourself.

Wag the Dog Response

February 16, 2009

1) The basic ethical orentation that is used in the movie is situational.  They all feel that the end (the President getting reelected) justifies the means (the fake war). This is illustrated throughout the entire movie.

 2) Robert DiNiro practiced several unethical moves during the days leading up to the presidental election. He took advantage of knowledge that he had acquired, he misrepresented the information to the public, and he took advantage of the faith that the public placed in him and his colleagues.
3)The phrase “wag the dog” comes from a quote referring to the ability of the presumed weaker group to control the majority. The control is not attained through strength, but rather through skill and craft, just as the team did in the movie.
4) The PR practioner upheld several stereotypes during this movie, with the main one being that they manipulate the public at will. They are a select few who receive certain information and they used this advantage to promote self gain.

A Week in Twitter

February 2, 2009

Twitter, at first, was something that I was intimidated by just because of the meer fact that I thought that it was odd telling complete strangers the every day goings ons in my life.  I heard of all of the potential benefits just I was just too weiry to reach out, which is something that must be done in order to obtain information yourself.  I am used to having the material presented to me so this experience was certainly new for me.  I am fully aware that I must learn to network and reach out to people, especially considering the line of work that I am currently planning on entering.  I do like the fact that many important people, President Obama and Hilary Clinton, are involved in twitter and this could prove to be a sign that twitter willeventually catch on on a broader scale much in the way which facebook did.  All things considered, I can say that I did not put as much effort into the endeavor as maybe I should have, but I can say that I will continue with twitter and maybe myelf and the rest of the world can catch on about the same time.  I can certainly understand the many ways in which twitter can be beneficial and I plan on taking full advantage of the vast wealth of knowledge and opportunity which only needs to be reached out for.  I still am not really convinced that i should let people that I have never seen before in on my daily life, but who is to say I cant change.