Wag the Dog Response

1) The basic ethical orentation that is used in the movie is situational.  They all feel that the end (the President getting reelected) justifies the means (the fake war). This is illustrated throughout the entire movie.

 2) Robert DiNiro practiced several unethical moves during the days leading up to the presidental election. He took advantage of knowledge that he had acquired, he misrepresented the information to the public, and he took advantage of the faith that the public placed in him and his colleagues.
3)The phrase “wag the dog” comes from a quote referring to the ability of the presumed weaker group to control the majority. The control is not attained through strength, but rather through skill and craft, just as the team did in the movie.
4) The PR practioner upheld several stereotypes during this movie, with the main one being that they manipulate the public at will. They are a select few who receive certain information and they used this advantage to promote self gain.


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