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September 16, 2009

Last week we were assigned a blog that could be about anything, and seeing that I forgot to write it it is only fitting that I write about responsibility. Coming to college three years ago, I was possibly the most irresponsible person ever. I didnt go to class, do homework, or do anything that was productive. Through the past few years, I have definately learned many things that will help me in my life after school, but as can be seen in this late posting, I still havent got everything down. Of all the classes that we as students will take in school, the most important thing that we can learn is the fact that there will not be someone looking over our shoulder when we are out in the working world. We as students must teach ourselves to watch after ourselves, making sure that we are doing everything that we need to do. This blog shows that I have not yet mastered this talent, but at least I recognize that fault, and at least thats a start.


Response to article

September 16, 2009

The article that I chose to review for the class assignment was about the sad story of Annie Le. She was a graduate student at Yale and due to be married this coming Sunday. She has been missing for several days, but authorities have just uncovered what they believe to be her remains inside of a wall at the school. This comes after the poilice discovered bloody clothes in the ceiling tiles in the building which she was last seen. This is a tragic story that will not have a happy ending. Yes, the killer can be caught and punishment will be handed down, but this will never bring Annie back to her friends, family, or fiance. This should go as a warning to all college students that you always have to be on the lookout because you do not know what can be lurking around the next corner. This is a sad story, but we must take something from it.


September 4, 2009

Slander is something that is prevailent in our society. I can be seen on basically any television station and on every magazine cover the fills the checkout lanes of grocery stores. It is beyond me how these people that live their lives in the spotlight and yet still have ridiculous allegations printed against them on a weekly basis. Some rumors do has weight to them, such as the Jon and Kate scandel, which seems to be the media darling of the summer. Somethings however do not carry much weight or in some cases, only throw fuel on a fire that is already burning out of control. The Rick Patino incident that is going underway is a prime example of this. The University of Louisville basketball coach had an extra marital affair, with the exact details remaining blurry. The woman involved is currently being sued by Patino for defamation, the perfect example of the reprocussions that can come when someone speaks out trying to damage soomeone else’s reputaion.

PRCA 3330: Week one

August 21, 2009

The first week of school has been really hectic because there are so many people on campus now. This is my third year at Georgia Southern and i have never seen the sidewalks and streets this busy. It also makes finding your classes alot more difficult because you have to navigate your way through the throngs of lost freshmen souls who have no idea as to where they are supposed to be. Having been through a week of classes, i believe that I am beginning to grasp what it is that is going to be expected of me in each class, PR Writing included. I am looking forward to this class because writing has always been something that I have enjoyed doing and I believe that will greatly help me when I am sitting up late at night trying to finish an assignment. I feel that this class will also help me to become more of a valuable asset to my future employer, giving me even more writing and communication skills to add to the ones that I already possess. Throughout every college class I have ever taken, I have heard one thing resounding from every teacher and that is that if you are a gifted writer, there is a job out there for you somewhere. This is something that I also believe to be true because companies are always releasing press releases and announcements to inform the public of something that they are taking part in or doing themselves and they need people to create these in a way that will get the desired point across. I hope that this class gives me the skill set that I am hoping to gain out of it so that I will be able to succeed in the business world.

Top Ten I learned in Intro to PR

May 3, 2009

This is my failed attempt to load my power, sorry to all.

Top Ten

May 3, 2009

PR Response: Seth Godin’s Tribes

April 30, 2009


Seth Godin describes a tribe as a group of people who have a common bond and act in the same manner.  These tribes typically have a leader, a charasmatic, well spoken person who gets the message of the tribe across.  There are some risks that come along with being the leader, namely the fact that if there is any discontent towards the tribe, the blame is placed on the leader, for they are the figure head.  This sways most people away from the roll, leaving only those that are willing, and hopefully capable.  The members of the tribe are also divided into two groups, a sort of active and passive division, with one side constantly trying to recruit new members, and the other just being content to be in the tribe.  The disparity of these two sides will determine the size of the tribe, as well as its rate of growth.  The thing that Seth is trying to get across through his entire presentaion is that tribes should be the advocates for change in today’s world.  He says that if they are willing to take a change on something new, change might be slow to come, but it will come and it will make things better than they are currently.  Seth also pushes the point that people usually go in the direction that they themselves, they just need direction.  This is the reason he uses to make the claim that biased journalism is an important in order to expand the tribe and push for the change that is so desparately desired.

Class Response: Public Relations to Me

April 30, 2009

pencilThe very first day of class, we were asked to write down on a piece of paper what public relations meant to us.  There are several things that go into the PR profession, but the main thing that is involved is communication.  Everything that a PR professional encounters on a daily basis, there is more than one person involved so there is going to be communication.  Whether it be crisis management, bringing two sides together, or trying to get a client’s product into a target market, a public relations professional must be able to relay thoughts from one side of the communications equations to the other.  Each situation must be handled differently for several reasons, such as each audience being different and each message that must be relayed.  There are billions of different people that all think billions of different way, but a PR professional must be able to relay the same message to all of these people and have them all understand, sometimes with only one chance to get it across.  Every message that is put out there might offend a certain group, and this too is the PR professional’s responsibility to manage.  Everything from announcing the release of a new product to managing specail guest at events falls into the PR professional’s job requirement.  There are thousands of different situations that will come up on a daily basis, some of which have never been encountered before, but one must react immediately and take it in stride because other people are looking to them and they must react as if its all in a day’s work.

Chapter 14: News Release, Media Alerts, and Pitch Letters

April 29, 2009

The news release is the most popular way for businesses to communicate with the press that are covering the story.  The reporters that receive these press releases use this information to write up most of the stories that appear in the newspapers and websites across the country.  The news release is typically written in formal journalistic form so this makes it easier fo the reprters to translate into their stories.  Something that often is receives with the press release is pubicity photos.  These pictures are professionally taken with high resolution and proper lighting so that they can be put directly into whatever publication that receives them.  News letters are typically given when some major news occurs and the world is waiting on a response, a mat release on the other hand, is typically released when someone wants a predetermined opinion in place on a specific topic.  These are typically written in a biased manner as to sway public opinion in their direction.  Advisories are similar to a press release, alerting the press when something important is coming up.  They typically are about upcoming news conferences, photo opportunities, or interview opportunites.  These things usually give the 5 w’s and h of the upcoming event, giving the reporters all that they need to properly cover the story.   Media kits are something else that are given out to reporters.  These typically are the same information as the rest, but this is in a more high tech format, typically on a cd to save costs.

Chapter 11 Summary: Reaching a Diverse Audience

April 29, 2009

There are several ways that an audience can be diverse, so this means that there are several messages that must be given in order to reach everyone that is being targetted.  Age is the most obvious diversity.  Generations of today have different moral and cultural values than those of previous generations, even one or two back into the past.  These groups coexist in the world be there wants and needs are greatly different. Older generations tend to care more about travel and leisure.  Younger ones tend to be more concerned about new advances in technology and ways in which they can make their lives better.  These things must be addressed if these groups are to reached.  Another diversity that is present is the different racial and ethnic groups.  Spanish speaking people are becoming the largest minority in this country and there are several new opportunities that are arising  to reach these people.  When trying to reach these audiences, the first thing that must be done is to make sure that the targetted people can relate to the message. If they believe that the message being put out to them is false and superficial, they will immediately reject the attempt and all of the time, money and energy that was put into the campaign is all lost.  Other emerging groups that bring potential for future audiences are those of religious groups, the gay/lesbian community, the disabled and women.  Different forms of PR are used to reach each group, each designed specifically for the targetted audience.