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Class Response: Public Relations to Me

April 30, 2009

pencilThe very first day of class, we were asked to write down on a piece of paper what public relations meant to us.  There are several things that go into the PR profession, but the main thing that is involved is communication.  Everything that a PR professional encounters on a daily basis, there is more than one person involved so there is going to be communication.  Whether it be crisis management, bringing two sides together, or trying to get a client’s product into a target market, a public relations professional must be able to relay thoughts from one side of the communications equations to the other.  Each situation must be handled differently for several reasons, such as each audience being different and each message that must be relayed.  There are billions of different people that all think billions of different way, but a PR professional must be able to relay the same message to all of these people and have them all understand, sometimes with only one chance to get it across.  Every message that is put out there might offend a certain group, and this too is the PR professional’s responsibility to manage.  Everything from announcing the release of a new product to managing specail guest at events falls into the PR professional’s job requirement.  There are thousands of different situations that will come up on a daily basis, some of which have never been encountered before, but one must react immediately and take it in stride because other people are looking to them and they must react as if its all in a day’s work.


Class Response: Press Release

April 29, 2009

newspapersThe press release is a very important  thing in the public relations world because it is the direct link between businesses and the public which they are trying to reach.  There are some things that must be considered when reading a press release however.  The main thing that should be kept in mind is that the company which is releasing the press release can say whatever it is that they want to say because it is their release.  They are subject to no questions by the press or the public, so they can avoid controversial issues if they choose to do so.  The people that are in charge of formulating the press release have been trained for years on the art of getting their message across while at the same time not releasing any information that they feel will not be beneficial to themselves or their employer.  There have been people that have called for the end of the press release do to these that I have just mentioned.  It has been proposed that any time there is a story that is deemed news worthy, a press conference should be held so that the press can ask questions that they feel are relevant to themselves and the public that are directly affected.  This would avoid the useless jargon that typically takes up a majority of the space in the press release.  This may come to be in the future, but for now the press release is the main way to release information and we as the public must be able to draw what information we can out of it.

Class Response: Firms and Corperate PR

April 28, 2009

Two public relations professionals came to visit our class from the PR firm Three, based in Atlanta, GA.  They had lots of information that they had to offer and I was more than open to listen to all that they had to say.  One thing that caught my attention was when they talked about the differences between working for a public relations firm and working for the PR department for a corperation.  They said that when working for a firm, it is more of an uptight environment, having to wear a shirt and tie on a daily basis.  Everything is on a time  table and millions of dollars can be on the line, depending on how a certain situation is handled.  While working for a firm, it is more of a laid back environment.  They have an unbiased view on each situation so when they make decisions, they try to have the best intensions for their clients in mind.  They also brought several exaple of their work to show around.  This showed me that there is room for creativity in each plan, as long as it achieves whatever it is that it set out to.  The thing that stood out most to be about the whole thing was how happy they were about the work they did.  They were so dedicated to everything that they talked about, and I could tell that they really cared about everything that they did.  This joy that they had is going to make them work that much harder to achieve their goal.  This is something that I am looking for in whatver career that I choose.

Class Response: Personal online presence

April 27, 2009

computer-manVirtually once a week in class, we talk about how important it is that when we go out into the job market that we have a credible online presence.  When our future employers search our name in a major online search engine, such as Google, they want to make sure that someone who will be in their company, and on their payroll, has at least the presence of mind to make sure that they try too keep a good name for themselves.  When the person that is ultimately incharge of hiring a person, they want to see positive things at the top of the search.  Positive things include a blog presence, being a member of of professional club or organization, and other things along those lines.  Things that they do not want to see are wild pictures of you and your friends having a night on the town.  There is nothing wrong with having fun, but it is not something that the world needs to see.  We decided as a class that at least once a week you need to search your name online, just to manage your presence.  For a major company, this is different.  They have so much that they have to worry about because anyone can mention your company and you have nothing to do with it, but you must respond to it.  This is one way in which Twitter can be very useful.  The Twitter operator for the company has the responsibility to quell anything that may be falsely said about the company, for a person however, the process is more manageable.

Class Response: UGA Shooting

April 27, 2009

In class today, we spoke about the tragic shooting that occurred in Athens, GA this past weekend. The reason that it was brought up in class was how the UGA alarm system responded to the incident. The University of Georgia has a system in place much like the on in place on the Georgia Southern campus, where if a student is registered in the system, a text message and email is sent to them ASAP to alert them of what happened and the actions that should be taken. The message Friday was sent out about an hour after it occurred, which is amazing considering all that had to go into the process. There are thousands of students that must be alerted, but before this could happen, they had to first get all the details so that they could properly inform everyone. They also put the suspects picture on the school website, so that everyone could be on the lookout. This is a prime example of crisis control, the situation was very unfortunate and everyone wishes that it could have completely been avoided, but it still happened and had to be met. The first thing that the school did was probably the best thing, making sure that they got all of the details right before they acted. They also acted in a tiely manner, as to quell any false talk that was no doubt beginning to spred. Crisis control is by far the worst part of the field, but it is a neccessary evil.  No one wants tragedies to happen but when they do happen, the PR teams must  be prepared to act.