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School Spirit

November 16, 2009

To me school spirit is a two way thing. It goes between the students and the school, ande in the case of Georgia Southern, if they want to to increase the spirit of the student body they must make the teams better. The main thing that they can do to help the teams is getting rid of Chris Hatcher as the head football coach. He has been here for three years and he has yet to make the playoffs. He had so much promise when he arrived down here, having won a national title at his previous school, Valdosta State. When he arrivied here, the same year that I did, he said that he would restore Georgia Southern to the glory that they had experienced in the past, and he has yet to do anything close to that. He has not done a good job recruiting or maximizing the talent that he already had on the team, namely Antonio Henton, whom he ran off this past offseason. If Georgia Southern wants to have the school spirit that was here in the days of Erk, they must start with gettin rid of Chris Hatcher.


My Favorite Author

November 7, 2009

My favorite author is not as renowned as some others; he’s not even a true author. He actually just writes one article every two weeks. Dan Patrick is my favorite author because of his sarcasm and humor. He sometimes writes about something ridiculous, or his topic may be legitimate and his point of view may just be off the wall.
I like the way that he brings humor to every situation, regardless to the circumstances that they occur in. He made his name as a sports caster for ESPN. He left the company a few weeks ago to branch out on his own and got picked up by Sports Illustrated, who many people see as the best sports magazine in the world. They obviously recognized his talent,just as I do.

World Series

October 30, 2009

Baseball is a sport that is seeing diminishing attention in our country. Decades ago, baseball was the king of sports in this country, even being dubbed “the Nation’s Pastime”. As television has taken a bigger role in the world, football and basketball. These two sports have more highlight reel plays, such as a big hit or a slam dunk. Baseball does not have as many of these big highlights, minus the home run of course. Baseball is the most mental game of the three, with each pitch having a purpose, whether it be to get a ground ball or to simply set up the next pitch. Every person on the field has to know what they are going to do if any number of situations happen.
The World Series is the pinnecal is baseball, displaying the two best teams in the league has to offer. It is artful the way that these teams play for the highest accolade in their sport. This year has the defending world champion Philadelphia Phillies against the winningest team in baseball history. Even if you are not a baseball fan, you should at least check out this year’s world series.

My Dream Job

October 22, 2009

My dream job was something that I saw in a movie. I know that this sounds cheesy but it is the truth. The movie is “Thank you for Smoking”. Nick Nailor is the person that I dream of being. His job is that of a political lobbyist. His job is to take the ideas of his employer and spin it in a way that will make it more acceptable to the general public or to someone that will help benefit your client. I know this may sound slightly scummy, but I see it as more of a challenge than anything else. I think it would be fun to go into work everyday with a huge challenge sitting in front of me and then being able to accomplish it. I want to have a career that requires me to talk to people on a daily basis because that is something that I love to do. I love that interaction and with the combination of that and the challenge that comes with the job I can say that this would have to be my dream job.

Pet Pieves

October 16, 2009

Everyone in the world has a few things that just get under their skin. Some people are really nitpicky about things, and others are extremely laid back; I like to think of myself as being in the latter of the two. There is one thing however that just absolutely annoys me more than anything in the entire world, and that is when someone walks into a room that I am in while they are talking on the phone. They dont acknowledge the fact that there was already sometthing going on in the room, something as simple as me trying to watch Sportscenter, but it is still something that should not be interrupted, especially by something that I couldnt give any less of a care about.
The girls that currently live next door to me are the absolute worst about this, walking in at least once a day, trying to share some story about people that I dont know and something that I dont care about. They try to tell me and my roommates about something that is going on in their home town, somewhere that I have never been and have no desire to ever go. I try to restrain myself from being rude or obnoxious, but sometimes it is just too hard. This will hopefully make me feel a little better by releasing a little bit of steam, but Ill be sure to keep everyone updated.

Favorite TV show growing up

October 7, 2009

When I was growing up, television was definately a part of my life, but one show stands oiut inparticular, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This was the hit show that propelled Will Smith to the superstardom that he lives in today. The show was good because Will had a great way of making light of every situation, whatever it may be. It also taught valuable life lessons at the end of every show, much like other shows in its genre. These messages were more easily accepted though because of the person that was delivering them. Will Smith is now a multi millionaire who is in what seems like to be a blockbuster every year, but this show was his start, and you could definately see his star potential shining through. There were also many things about the show that helped keep my interest. Carlton, Will’s loveable cousin, was always good for a laugh or two, if only because Will made fun of him on a regualr basis. As I grew older, I stopped watching the show on a regular basis, but if I happen to see it on when I am flipping through the channels, I will definately check it out.

Who Should Come Perform on GSU’s Campus

October 7, 2009

This is a very interesting topic because if you ask ten different people the same question, you very well could get ten different answers. When you are thinking about something like this, you have to think of someone who would appeal to a wide array of students because if some major music group is going to travel to Statesboro, they are going to want to sell out whatever venue they are playing. My personal selection would be to have The Dave Matthews Band come perform at Paulson Stadium. The venue, while the biggest in the city, is still small in comparision to the places that they typically play, but who is to say the this couldnt be a weeknend long event, one in which they could sell out the stadium two or possibly three times. This would not be the first big name band that would grace Statesboro with their presence, with Three Doors Down performing in the same venue just four years ago.
Dave would be the type of artist that could sell out the stadium multipole times because of his emmense popularity with college age students. He also has a great fan base in other age brackets, which is something that could lure potential ticket buyers to come from Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, and even as far as Atlanta. The band has played shows in all of these cities so it is assured that he has a fan base in the area, and Statesboro just so happens to be in the middle. It is not out of the question that the band could sell as many as fifty thousand tickets, which is well within their normal ticket sells for a typical concert. Now all that is needed is to convince some of the higher-ups to pull a few strings and spend some money.

Health Reform

September 22, 2009

The health reform issue is something that is not a new topic. It has been a heated debate for many years, with the Michael Moore movie Sicko being at the forefront of the issue. It has been implimented in many countries across the globe, most notably in England and Canada. In my mind, socialized healthcare is something that does have its perks, but at the same time would definately be a negative in the long run. People come from all over hte world to the United States to receive health care because we not only have top of the line technology, but we have top of the line doctors. If you put a cap on the salaries of doctors, then it would deter them from being the best doctor that they could because even if they were, they would not receive any extra benefit. They would receive the same pay if they did their very best or simply did the bare minimum. Another thing that is negative about the proposed system is the fact that senior citizens and people with terminal diseases would not receive that best treatment available because they do not stand a chance of recovering. This giving up on people is not only unethical, but also morally wrong. Everyone deserves their due right to lead a longer and happy life, but if you cannot receive the necessary treatment, they will not experience all the things that they otherwise could because their life will be shortened. The benefit of the plan is that people who cannot afford healthcare would be able to receive the treatment that they would otherwise be denied. These are the same people who do not work, but instead rely on government welfare to support themselves and their families. They are taking money out of peoples’s pockets who worked for it. This country was built on the principle that if you work hard enough, you will be able to get whatever it is that you want. If the socialized healthcare plan was to be inplimented, then people who have worked their entire life to build up a savings will have it all go for not because they are deemed too old to receive the care that they need. This is not fair. It is not American, and this is why I stand firmly against socialized medicine.

A blog about anything

September 16, 2009

Last week we were assigned a blog that could be about anything, and seeing that I forgot to write it it is only fitting that I write about responsibility. Coming to college three years ago, I was possibly the most irresponsible person ever. I didnt go to class, do homework, or do anything that was productive. Through the past few years, I have definately learned many things that will help me in my life after school, but as can be seen in this late posting, I still havent got everything down. Of all the classes that we as students will take in school, the most important thing that we can learn is the fact that there will not be someone looking over our shoulder when we are out in the working world. We as students must teach ourselves to watch after ourselves, making sure that we are doing everything that we need to do. This blog shows that I have not yet mastered this talent, but at least I recognize that fault, and at least thats a start.

Response to article

September 16, 2009

The article that I chose to review for the class assignment was about the sad story of Annie Le. She was a graduate student at Yale and due to be married this coming Sunday. She has been missing for several days, but authorities have just uncovered what they believe to be her remains inside of a wall at the school. This comes after the poilice discovered bloody clothes in the ceiling tiles in the building which she was last seen. This is a tragic story that will not have a happy ending. Yes, the killer can be caught and punishment will be handed down, but this will never bring Annie back to her friends, family, or fiance. This should go as a warning to all college students that you always have to be on the lookout because you do not know what can be lurking around the next corner. This is a sad story, but we must take something from it.