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Personal Fitness: America’s Soft Belly

April 29, 2009

It has been well documented over the past decade that America’s health as a whole is on the down slide. In the midst of the health revolution that is beginning to take over, with every diet and workout plan imaginable having its time in the spotlight, the country as a whole is still overweight. Every American spends hours a day watching television or sitting on the internet instead of spending time exercising and this is beginning to catch up with us. Heart disease, along with other problems commonly associated with obesity is becoming more and more prevailent in the country, costing us millions, if not billions of dollars in healthcare, money that, during this current recession, we do not have. We are trying to combat this new trend of unhealthyness with several programs that encourage physical activities by our country’s children, trying to stop the problem for future generations before it becomes uncontrollable.  It was been scientifically that when a person exercises, endorphines are released in the body, which makes the person’s outlook on life happier, thanks to the natural chemical in the brain.  President Obama has mentioned a few times that he plans to iniciate several physical activity programs which would call the country as a whole to take it upon themselves to become in better shape, not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of their country and its future.  America is going through a tough time right now economically, but wel will return to prosperity.  The same thing can be said about the health of the country; the problem is being addressed right now, its only a matter of time until we see results.


Music, Soothing to the Soul

April 28, 2009

music-notesMusic has been around since man first started to walk the earth. The sounds that have entertained us has changed thanks to advances in technology that have allowed to create things that make a wide variety of sounds. It has been present at virtually every major speech and banquet that has ever been held, regardless to the occasion. It can represent that happiest of occasions or the sadest, times of great prosperity and times of mourning.  There is music to represent every feeling that man has ever felt because there has been someone that has put their feelings down on paper.  Times have advanced from the days of beating on wooden block and empty goards, to playin electric guitars and keyboards in stadiums packed with thousands of people.  The styles that music has followed over the centuries have changed but there is a constant flow that can be seen because people typically borrow ideas to help advance their own works.  There is nothing at all wrong with it, and it is usually taken as a form of respect because the borrower liked the piece of music so much that they decided to add it to their own.  Music has helped get people through the hard times in their liives, as can be seen in slave spirituals that came about in the eighteenth century and are still used in popular music today.  Music will continue to change as the years go on but it will always do what it is meant to, relate to the feelings of the audience.

Umpiring: It pays the bills

April 27, 2009

umpireGrowing up, I played baseball all year round.  Coming to college I though that I would never again get to spend my weekends at the ball fields; i was wrong.  I met someone down here who was in the same situation that I was in, expect he had got on with the umpiring association down here.  I needed some extra money so I thought it was a great idea.  After attending all of the required clinics, I became certified and started working.  After the first game I knew that I was in for something totally different  from what I was used to, I was now on the other side.  Growing up, I knew that umpires caught grief, but I had no idea it was as bad as it truly is.  Every play is argued by the side that does not come out on top, and there is usually a fan in the crowd who has something to say about everything that happens, even if nothing happens.  The players, to my surprise, are the most agreable people on the field, understanding that I have to call it how its is, and not everything can go there way.  This experience has helped me grow in some areas that I think will be beneficial for me in the rest of my life.  I have learned that you cannot please everyone and you are going to have to deal with some unhappy people.  I have to not let the attcks that are thrown at me effect my attitude or my calls.  It is a very stressful environment, but it is far from overwhelming.  I have developped a sense of pride in my work because every call that I make can change the outcome of the game.  It is constantly in motion so you have to stay on top of your game.  That is the only thing that has not changed from the game when I was a player, and the Saturday mornings at the ball field, which is what I was looking for the whole time.

91.9 The Buzz

April 23, 2009

My freshman year at Georgia Southern i began an internship at the campus radio station, 91.9 The Buzz.  I started off as a producer on the sports talk show, The Big and Nasty Buzz Blitz.  My job didnt consist of much work, I simply answered the phone and got people drinks when they were thirsty.  The longer that I was there however, my opinions began to be heard and I began to get small spots on the weekday afternoon talk show.  After a few months of this, they split the shows talent into two separte shows and I got a spot on the second show.  I loved this job because I got to broadcast my thoughts and feelings across the air, for the world to hear.  This was great until school end and the shows got cancelled for the summer.  Once school started back however, football season came along with it, and with this came many more opportunities.  At the beginning of the season, I got to run the pregame show from the studio while the rest of the crew was at the game.  I was somewhat dissappointed with this, but I did love the chance to get more opportunity.  I was in charge of running the sound board, which controlled the entire broadcast.  I knew this was my chance to show that I was ready for whatever they wanted to throw at me.  They rewarded me with the chance to be on the sideline for the last three home games of the season, giving me the best view of the game, and a chance to feel that I had actually done something.  I know that this will help me with building my resume later in my life, but it was also a great time that allowed me to meet great people.

Response to the parking attendant

April 22, 2009

ticketAfter thinking about my ealier post, I realized that I was over reacting.  Everyone has a job to do and this is just what they have to do.  In the end, I think that I may have actually gained something through the whole experience.  In life, its not always going to be easy and people are not always going to be cooperative with you.  Life is going to be full of obstacles that we are going to have to over come, and we are going to have to perservere through whatever it is that we are going to go through.  I feel bad for the people that I was so unhappy with earlier and I have figured out that they might have actually been the victim in the whole situation.  One a daily basis, they have to endure harrassment from people like me who are unhappy about their own mistakes and are happy to take their anger out on someone else, who has done nothing wrong other than simply answer the phone.  It takes a strong person to be able to take all of that verbal abuse and not say anything back, i know that it would be hard for me to do the same thing if i was in their position.  It seems as though this has turned into a tribute to the parking attendant.  For all of those times that you were yelled at in the parking lot for leaving a ticket in the window, Mr parking lot attendant, this one’s for you.

Higher Education

April 22, 2009

As i was sitting through my music appreciation class today, I began to wonder why it was that I was in here.  As a public relations major, I can with confidnece say that I will not be using very much of the information that I have to listen to in this class for anything once I am no longer in the class.  I have thought this my whole life, having sat through my fair share of Biologys and Calculus classes, but now as I have to pay for my higher education, I am beginning to be more annoyed with the fact that I dont need 95% of what I am being forced to learn.  Granted, some of the information is interesting and entertains me, but so does Sportscenter, and this will help me none in my professional life.  I am simply asking that whoever it is that is in charge of students cirriculums tries to put some more things in the class room that will help me in the conference room.  Logerithims and chemical formulas may be the accepted education right now, but conference calls and research methods would help me alot more in ten years.  I have already decided the direction that i would like my life to follow, so now i will begin to take classes that have to do with that, but if i had only been in classes like these for a few years, I would be ready to enter the work force and contribute to the world, instead of being stuck in music, counting the seconds until i can leave.

F%#& parking attendants

April 22, 2009

today I have learned how much I hate parking attendants.  They hide in the bushes and wait for some poor innocent college student to park their car and then the second the dissappear into the building in which they are trying to further their education, some punk with nothing better to do gives them a ticket, which is outlandish, especially since the students pay outragious amounts in students fees as it is.  They should put into effect some plan that says once a student has paid to park anywhere on campus, they should be allowed to park anywhere on campus.  Especailly when the parking lot that they paid to park in is full because parking and transportation has over booked it.  The whole parking thing is a scam on virtually every campus across the country but here at Georgia Southern, it is especially trashy.  The people in the office are uncooperative and down right rude most of the time.  They have no concern about the reasons behind the so called “misparked” car, and care only about the money that they will collect for the ticket.  The students pay tuition and fees and yet the school finds another way to scam money out of the students pockets.  The world as a whole has enter an economic recession and this is in no way helping.  I dont not know where the money goes that they collect from the tickets, but if i had a guess, they could do without it.  If they simply asked me to pay for something I would perhaps be more cooperative, but to simply swindle the money from students, thats just wrong.