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Whatever I damn well please..

December 4, 2009

This is the last blog of the semester so I have the esteemed priviledge to write about whatever I want. Aside from the nothing, which would have been my first option, I am going to have to write about how ready I am to graduate. I am not so excited about going into the work force, which I am sure is not going to be that great, but just that fact that I will have gotten my degree and accomplished something will make me feel really good abou myself. I am not planning on getting a job straight out of school, but who cares, I will be able to work my whole life. And thats all I feel like writing, so thats that.


What I am thankful for

December 4, 2009

With this holiday season comes many different feelings for me. The main thing that is on my mind is the fact that I am grown up. Along with having to buy gifts now instead of just having them bought for me comes comes the thought that what I have around me will not always be there. Things will change in the next few years so I have realized that I have to enjoy every second of my life while I am living it and not just focus on things in the past I cannot change or things in the future that havent come to pass yet. I have take in every breathe like it could be my last. If you are wondering what it is that I am trying to say that I am thankful for, I would have to say right now.

Top Ten I learned in Intro to PR

May 3, 2009

This is my failed attempt to load my power, sorry to all.

Top Ten

May 3, 2009

PR Response: Seth Godin’s Tribes

April 30, 2009


Seth Godin describes a tribe as a group of people who have a common bond and act in the same manner.  These tribes typically have a leader, a charasmatic, well spoken person who gets the message of the tribe across.  There are some risks that come along with being the leader, namely the fact that if there is any discontent towards the tribe, the blame is placed on the leader, for they are the figure head.  This sways most people away from the roll, leaving only those that are willing, and hopefully capable.  The members of the tribe are also divided into two groups, a sort of active and passive division, with one side constantly trying to recruit new members, and the other just being content to be in the tribe.  The disparity of these two sides will determine the size of the tribe, as well as its rate of growth.  The thing that Seth is trying to get across through his entire presentaion is that tribes should be the advocates for change in today’s world.  He says that if they are willing to take a change on something new, change might be slow to come, but it will come and it will make things better than they are currently.  Seth also pushes the point that people usually go in the direction that they themselves, they just need direction.  This is the reason he uses to make the claim that biased journalism is an important in order to expand the tribe and push for the change that is so desparately desired.