School Spirit

To me school spirit is a two way thing. It goes between the students and the school, ande in the case of Georgia Southern, if they want to to increase the spirit of the student body they must make the teams better. The main thing that they can do to help the teams is getting rid of Chris Hatcher as the head football coach. He has been here for three years and he has yet to make the playoffs. He had so much promise when he arrived down here, having won a national title at his previous school, Valdosta State. When he arrivied here, the same year that I did, he said that he would restore Georgia Southern to the glory that they had experienced in the past, and he has yet to do anything close to that. He has not done a good job recruiting or maximizing the talent that he already had on the team, namely Antonio Henton, whom he ran off this past offseason. If Georgia Southern wants to have the school spirit that was here in the days of Erk, they must start with gettin rid of Chris Hatcher.


One Response to “School Spirit”

  1. ashleyprisfunrenfroe Says:

    looks like you got your wish…hatcher is so gone.

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