World Series

Baseball is a sport that is seeing diminishing attention in our country. Decades ago, baseball was the king of sports in this country, even being dubbed “the Nation’s Pastime”. As television has taken a bigger role in the world, football and basketball. These two sports have more highlight reel plays, such as a big hit or a slam dunk. Baseball does not have as many of these big highlights, minus the home run of course. Baseball is the most mental game of the three, with each pitch having a purpose, whether it be to get a ground ball or to simply set up the next pitch. Every person on the field has to know what they are going to do if any number of situations happen.
The World Series is the pinnecal is baseball, displaying the two best teams in the league has to offer. It is artful the way that these teams play for the highest accolade in their sport. This year has the defending world champion Philadelphia Phillies against the winningest team in baseball history. Even if you are not a baseball fan, you should at least check out this year’s world series.


One Response to “World Series”

  1. meghanc99 Says:

    Baseball is great! I don’t get why more people aren’t into it!

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