Pet Pieves

Everyone in the world has a few things that just get under their skin. Some people are really nitpicky about things, and others are extremely laid back; I like to think of myself as being in the latter of the two. There is one thing however that just absolutely annoys me more than anything in the entire world, and that is when someone walks into a room that I am in while they are talking on the phone. They dont acknowledge the fact that there was already sometthing going on in the room, something as simple as me trying to watch Sportscenter, but it is still something that should not be interrupted, especially by something that I couldnt give any less of a care about.
The girls that currently live next door to me are the absolute worst about this, walking in at least once a day, trying to share some story about people that I dont know and something that I dont care about. They try to tell me and my roommates about something that is going on in their home town, somewhere that I have never been and have no desire to ever go. I try to restrain myself from being rude or obnoxious, but sometimes it is just too hard. This will hopefully make me feel a little better by releasing a little bit of steam, but Ill be sure to keep everyone updated.


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