Who Should Come Perform on GSU’s Campus

This is a very interesting topic because if you ask ten different people the same question, you very well could get ten different answers. When you are thinking about something like this, you have to think of someone who would appeal to a wide array of students because if some major music group is going to travel to Statesboro, they are going to want to sell out whatever venue they are playing. My personal selection would be to have The Dave Matthews Band come perform at Paulson Stadium. The venue, while the biggest in the city, is still small in comparision to the places that they typically play, but who is to say the this couldnt be a weeknend long event, one in which they could sell out the stadium two or possibly three times. This would not be the first big name band that would grace Statesboro with their presence, with Three Doors Down performing in the same venue just four years ago.
Dave would be the type of artist that could sell out the stadium multipole times because of his emmense popularity with college age students. He also has a great fan base in other age brackets, which is something that could lure potential ticket buyers to come from Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, and even as far as Atlanta. The band has played shows in all of these cities so it is assured that he has a fan base in the area, and Statesboro just so happens to be in the middle. It is not out of the question that the band could sell as many as fifty thousand tickets, which is well within their normal ticket sells for a typical concert. Now all that is needed is to convince some of the higher-ups to pull a few strings and spend some money.


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