Favorite TV show growing up

When I was growing up, television was definately a part of my life, but one show stands oiut inparticular, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This was the hit show that propelled Will Smith to the superstardom that he lives in today. The show was good because Will had a great way of making light of every situation, whatever it may be. It also taught valuable life lessons at the end of every show, much like other shows in its genre. These messages were more easily accepted though because of the person that was delivering them. Will Smith is now a multi millionaire who is in what seems like to be a blockbuster every year, but this show was his start, and you could definately see his star potential shining through. There were also many things about the show that helped keep my interest. Carlton, Will’s loveable cousin, was always good for a laugh or two, if only because Will made fun of him on a regualr basis. As I grew older, I stopped watching the show on a regular basis, but if I happen to see it on when I am flipping through the channels, I will definately check it out.


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