Health Reform

The health reform issue is something that is not a new topic. It has been a heated debate for many years, with the Michael Moore movie Sicko being at the forefront of the issue. It has been implimented in many countries across the globe, most notably in England and Canada. In my mind, socialized healthcare is something that does have its perks, but at the same time would definately be a negative in the long run. People come from all over hte world to the United States to receive health care because we not only have top of the line technology, but we have top of the line doctors. If you put a cap on the salaries of doctors, then it would deter them from being the best doctor that they could because even if they were, they would not receive any extra benefit. They would receive the same pay if they did their very best or simply did the bare minimum. Another thing that is negative about the proposed system is the fact that senior citizens and people with terminal diseases would not receive that best treatment available because they do not stand a chance of recovering. This giving up on people is not only unethical, but also morally wrong. Everyone deserves their due right to lead a longer and happy life, but if you cannot receive the necessary treatment, they will not experience all the things that they otherwise could because their life will be shortened. The benefit of the plan is that people who cannot afford healthcare would be able to receive the treatment that they would otherwise be denied. These are the same people who do not work, but instead rely on government welfare to support themselves and their families. They are taking money out of peoples’s pockets who worked for it. This country was built on the principle that if you work hard enough, you will be able to get whatever it is that you want. If the socialized healthcare plan was to be inplimented, then people who have worked their entire life to build up a savings will have it all go for not because they are deemed too old to receive the care that they need. This is not fair. It is not American, and this is why I stand firmly against socialized medicine.


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