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Last week we were assigned a blog that could be about anything, and seeing that I forgot to write it it is only fitting that I write about responsibility. Coming to college three years ago, I was possibly the most irresponsible person ever. I didnt go to class, do homework, or do anything that was productive. Through the past few years, I have definately learned many things that will help me in my life after school, but as can be seen in this late posting, I still havent got everything down. Of all the classes that we as students will take in school, the most important thing that we can learn is the fact that there will not be someone looking over our shoulder when we are out in the working world. We as students must teach ourselves to watch after ourselves, making sure that we are doing everything that we need to do. This blog shows that I have not yet mastered this talent, but at least I recognize that fault, and at least thats a start.


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