Slander is something that is prevailent in our society. I can be seen on basically any television station and on every magazine cover the fills the checkout lanes of grocery stores. It is beyond me how these people that live their lives in the spotlight and yet still have ridiculous allegations printed against them on a weekly basis. Some rumors do has weight to them, such as the Jon and Kate scandel, which seems to be the media darling of the summer. Somethings however do not carry much weight or in some cases, only throw fuel on a fire that is already burning out of control. The Rick Patino incident that is going underway is a prime example of this. The University of Louisville basketball coach had an extra marital affair, with the exact details remaining blurry. The woman involved is currently being sued by Patino for defamation, the perfect example of the reprocussions that can come when someone speaks out trying to damage soomeone else’s reputaion.


2 Responses to “Defamation”

  1. David Says:

    I have to admit that you prove a point with your suggestion about slander. I agree that it must be annoying and difficult at times for celebrities to read ridiculous accusations about themselves and their lifestyles from complete strangers. I really enjoyed you post.

  2. Justin’s Blog « Welcome To My World: David’s Blog Says:

    […] Justin’s Blog September 4, 2009 Posted by David in Blog Comments. trackback I read Justin’s blog on defamation and really took an interest on his views about slander and defamation. You can find his blog post as well as my comment at the following address: […]

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