PRCA 3330: Week one

The first week of school has been really hectic because there are so many people on campus now. This is my third year at Georgia Southern and i have never seen the sidewalks and streets this busy. It also makes finding your classes alot more difficult because you have to navigate your way through the throngs of lost freshmen souls who have no idea as to where they are supposed to be. Having been through a week of classes, i believe that I am beginning to grasp what it is that is going to be expected of me in each class, PR Writing included. I am looking forward to this class because writing has always been something that I have enjoyed doing and I believe that will greatly help me when I am sitting up late at night trying to finish an assignment. I feel that this class will also help me to become more of a valuable asset to my future employer, giving me even more writing and communication skills to add to the ones that I already possess. Throughout every college class I have ever taken, I have heard one thing resounding from every teacher and that is that if you are a gifted writer, there is a job out there for you somewhere. This is something that I also believe to be true because companies are always releasing press releases and announcements to inform the public of something that they are taking part in or doing themselves and they need people to create these in a way that will get the desired point across. I hope that this class gives me the skill set that I am hoping to gain out of it so that I will be able to succeed in the business world.


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