Class Response: Public Relations to Me

pencilThe very first day of class, we were asked to write down on a piece of paper what public relations meant to us.  There are several things that go into the PR profession, but the main thing that is involved is communication.  Everything that a PR professional encounters on a daily basis, there is more than one person involved so there is going to be communication.  Whether it be crisis management, bringing two sides together, or trying to get a client’s product into a target market, a public relations professional must be able to relay thoughts from one side of the communications equations to the other.  Each situation must be handled differently for several reasons, such as each audience being different and each message that must be relayed.  There are billions of different people that all think billions of different way, but a PR professional must be able to relay the same message to all of these people and have them all understand, sometimes with only one chance to get it across.  Every message that is put out there might offend a certain group, and this too is the PR professional’s responsibility to manage.  Everything from announcing the release of a new product to managing specail guest at events falls into the PR professional’s job requirement.  There are thousands of different situations that will come up on a daily basis, some of which have never been encountered before, but one must react immediately and take it in stride because other people are looking to them and they must react as if its all in a day’s work.


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