Personal Fitness: America’s Soft Belly

It has been well documented over the past decade that America’s health as a whole is on the down slide. In the midst of the health revolution that is beginning to take over, with every diet and workout plan imaginable having its time in the spotlight, the country as a whole is still overweight. Every American spends hours a day watching television or sitting on the internet instead of spending time exercising and this is beginning to catch up with us. Heart disease, along with other problems commonly associated with obesity is becoming more and more prevailent in the country, costing us millions, if not billions of dollars in healthcare, money that, during this current recession, we do not have. We are trying to combat this new trend of unhealthyness with several programs that encourage physical activities by our country’s children, trying to stop the problem for future generations before it becomes uncontrollable.  It was been scientifically that when a person exercises, endorphines are released in the body, which makes the person’s outlook on life happier, thanks to the natural chemical in the brain.  President Obama has mentioned a few times that he plans to iniciate several physical activity programs which would call the country as a whole to take it upon themselves to become in better shape, not only for their own benefit, but also for the benefit of their country and its future.  America is going through a tough time right now economically, but wel will return to prosperity.  The same thing can be said about the health of the country; the problem is being addressed right now, its only a matter of time until we see results.


One Response to “Personal Fitness: America’s Soft Belly”

  1. Kristen McBride Says:

    Very informative Justin. Glad to see you make good use of your blog!

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