Class Response: Press Release

newspapersThe press release is a very important  thing in the public relations world because it is the direct link between businesses and the public which they are trying to reach.  There are some things that must be considered when reading a press release however.  The main thing that should be kept in mind is that the company which is releasing the press release can say whatever it is that they want to say because it is their release.  They are subject to no questions by the press or the public, so they can avoid controversial issues if they choose to do so.  The people that are in charge of formulating the press release have been trained for years on the art of getting their message across while at the same time not releasing any information that they feel will not be beneficial to themselves or their employer.  There have been people that have called for the end of the press release do to these that I have just mentioned.  It has been proposed that any time there is a story that is deemed news worthy, a press conference should be held so that the press can ask questions that they feel are relevant to themselves and the public that are directly affected.  This would avoid the useless jargon that typically takes up a majority of the space in the press release.  This may come to be in the future, but for now the press release is the main way to release information and we as the public must be able to draw what information we can out of it.


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