Chapter 14: News Release, Media Alerts, and Pitch Letters

The news release is the most popular way for businesses to communicate with the press that are covering the story.  The reporters that receive these press releases use this information to write up most of the stories that appear in the newspapers and websites across the country.  The news release is typically written in formal journalistic form so this makes it easier fo the reprters to translate into their stories.  Something that often is receives with the press release is pubicity photos.  These pictures are professionally taken with high resolution and proper lighting so that they can be put directly into whatever publication that receives them.  News letters are typically given when some major news occurs and the world is waiting on a response, a mat release on the other hand, is typically released when someone wants a predetermined opinion in place on a specific topic.  These are typically written in a biased manner as to sway public opinion in their direction.  Advisories are similar to a press release, alerting the press when something important is coming up.  They typically are about upcoming news conferences, photo opportunities, or interview opportunites.  These things usually give the 5 w’s and h of the upcoming event, giving the reporters all that they need to properly cover the story.   Media kits are something else that are given out to reporters.  These typically are the same information as the rest, but this is in a more high tech format, typically on a cd to save costs.


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