Chapter 11 Summary: Reaching a Diverse Audience

There are several ways that an audience can be diverse, so this means that there are several messages that must be given in order to reach everyone that is being targetted.  Age is the most obvious diversity.  Generations of today have different moral and cultural values than those of previous generations, even one or two back into the past.  These groups coexist in the world be there wants and needs are greatly different. Older generations tend to care more about travel and leisure.  Younger ones tend to be more concerned about new advances in technology and ways in which they can make their lives better.  These things must be addressed if these groups are to reached.  Another diversity that is present is the different racial and ethnic groups.  Spanish speaking people are becoming the largest minority in this country and there are several new opportunities that are arising  to reach these people.  When trying to reach these audiences, the first thing that must be done is to make sure that the targetted people can relate to the message. If they believe that the message being put out to them is false and superficial, they will immediately reject the attempt and all of the time, money and energy that was put into the campaign is all lost.  Other emerging groups that bring potential for future audiences are those of religious groups, the gay/lesbian community, the disabled and women.  Different forms of PR are used to reach each group, each designed specifically for the targetted audience.


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