Chapter 10 Summary: Conflict management

The world of public relations is not always trying to get people to buy what you are trying to sell, sometimes it requires that the PR professional be the mediator in a conflict.  There are typically four types of conflicts, strategic, management, competition, and conflict, with each being different and requiring a certain skill set in order to be successful.  Strategic conflicts are for purposes of achieving particular objectives.  Management conflict requires planned, deliberate action.  Competition conflict occurs when people are striving for the same object, position or prize.  In order for success to occur in any of these situations, several things are required, but the one that must be present in every situation is that their must be a good relatioship between both sides.  It is the job of the PR professional to make sure that all sides involved are on good terms, confident that one side is not trying to take advantage of the other.  The business world is cut throat and trust is something that comes few and far between, but it must be present if there is to be any conflict resolution.  Something that must also go into consideration when managing a conflict is proper crisis planning.  These are things that are going to happen and a reaction must be in place before it does so that the response is believeable while at the same time, achieving what it is they set out to.  Lots of things are required if this is to be successful, including being honest, being accessable, and communicating with the publics that are directly effected.  Things things along with many more go into proper conflict management.


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