PR Connection: Cpt. Richard Phillips

Earlier this month, an American boat captain was pilotting a shit off the east coast of Africa when he was taken over by modern-day pirates.  Captain Richard Phillips obliged with the pirates every request, but still had his life threatened.  This was until American troops took over the ship and rescued the captain.  His face has been all over the television and magazines for weeks now, something that is completely alien to an ordinary boat captain.  During the NBA playoffs, he was given an honorary jersey and a plaque before a game in Boston, in primetime on national television.  All of this media exposure is new for Cpt. Phillips and it could be overwhelming, and it is the responsibility of the public relations teams for the organizations who is hosting him for that particular event to make sure that he is comfortable with whatever he is asked to do.  Communication skills are essential in this and the person must be sincere when they are talking to him.  He is in a completely new environment and he is more than welcome to any friendly face that is willing help offer some help.  He has performed well with every opportunity that he has been given, which only increases his celebrity.  Several other people have done similar things like this, the airline pilot that safely landed a Boeing 747 in the Hudson River, saving the lives of every passenger that was aboard.  He was given the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, much the same as Cpt. Phillips, giving them the hero status that they deserve.


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