Music, Soothing to the Soul

music-notesMusic has been around since man first started to walk the earth. The sounds that have entertained us has changed thanks to advances in technology that have allowed to create things that make a wide variety of sounds. It has been present at virtually every major speech and banquet that has ever been held, regardless to the occasion. It can represent that happiest of occasions or the sadest, times of great prosperity and times of mourning.  There is music to represent every feeling that man has ever felt because there has been someone that has put their feelings down on paper.  Times have advanced from the days of beating on wooden block and empty goards, to playin electric guitars and keyboards in stadiums packed with thousands of people.  The styles that music has followed over the centuries have changed but there is a constant flow that can be seen because people typically borrow ideas to help advance their own works.  There is nothing at all wrong with it, and it is usually taken as a form of respect because the borrower liked the piece of music so much that they decided to add it to their own.  Music has helped get people through the hard times in their liives, as can be seen in slave spirituals that came about in the eighteenth century and are still used in popular music today.  Music will continue to change as the years go on but it will always do what it is meant to, relate to the feelings of the audience.


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