Class Response: Firms and Corperate PR

Two public relations professionals came to visit our class from the PR firm Three, based in Atlanta, GA.  They had lots of information that they had to offer and I was more than open to listen to all that they had to say.  One thing that caught my attention was when they talked about the differences between working for a public relations firm and working for the PR department for a corperation.  They said that when working for a firm, it is more of an uptight environment, having to wear a shirt and tie on a daily basis.  Everything is on a time  table and millions of dollars can be on the line, depending on how a certain situation is handled.  While working for a firm, it is more of a laid back environment.  They have an unbiased view on each situation so when they make decisions, they try to have the best intensions for their clients in mind.  They also brought several exaple of their work to show around.  This showed me that there is room for creativity in each plan, as long as it achieves whatever it is that it set out to.  The thing that stood out most to be about the whole thing was how happy they were about the work they did.  They were so dedicated to everything that they talked about, and I could tell that they really cared about everything that they did.  This joy that they had is going to make them work that much harder to achieve their goal.  This is something that I am looking for in whatver career that I choose.


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