Chapter 8 Summary: Evalution

The final step in the plan is to evalute the success of the plan.  Several things can be learned from the evaluations, such as:

  • Was the program adequately planned?
  • Did the recipients of the message understand it?
  • How could the program stradegy have been more effective?
  • Were all primary and secondary audiences reached?
  • Was the desired organizational objectives achieved?
  • What unforeseen circumstances affected the success of the program?
  • Did the program fall within the budget set for it?
  • What steps can be taken to improve the success of similar future activities?

As a major company or firm, you not only have to gauge the reception of the message by the audience, but also the recaption by the media.  The media controls the fate of a company’s product, and if they do not like what it is you are trying to sell them, they will tell the world why it is that they do not like the product, but also why they should not like it as well.  One way that this can be done that has just began to come into prominence in only the past few years is that of internet hits.  When a company searches themsleves on the internet, they not only search for the positive things that are out there, but also for the negative things that are floating around in cyber space.  While the media is important, the target audience is the main group being evaluated, because they are the ones who in the end make the final decision.  Several things are measured, with the main things being their awareness of the product, their attitudes about the product, and also their actions.  All of these things put together can tell the PR team how effective their message was and how they can improve on it next time.


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