PR in the NBA

basketballWatching the NBA playoffs, I am amazed at all of the public relations that aer going on in the arenas. The entire fan base is clad in the teams colors, usually coordinated so everyone matches. Of course, the fans do not do this on their own, someone must be in charge of this. The atmosphere is so intense in the building, with music, chants and cheers going on at all times, according the the action on the court. There is a team in charge of all of these things, as well as so many thngs that are going on around the clock that are hidden from us. Every person that walks through the doors of the stadium or tunes in on the television expects to be entertained and sport is unique in this aspect because they only have one chance to get it right, and if it does not go off exactly as planned the entire world will see. The only product that the business (team) has to offer is the game, and this is something that only the players and coach can control. This makes the act of selling the product that much more difficult, because the product cannot be changed according to the fans’ (consumers) wants. Yet everytime you tune into a game or are in attendance, the game is exactly as you would expect, delivering on every aspect that you were hoping for. All of this credit should be attributed to the PR teams of the various teams and of the NBA itself. They work in a stress filled environment and perform under the pressure day in and day out. This is the type of career that I dream of having.


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