Class Response: UGA Shooting

In class today, we spoke about the tragic shooting that occurred in Athens, GA this past weekend. The reason that it was brought up in class was how the UGA alarm system responded to the incident. The University of Georgia has a system in place much like the on in place on the Georgia Southern campus, where if a student is registered in the system, a text message and email is sent to them ASAP to alert them of what happened and the actions that should be taken. The message Friday was sent out about an hour after it occurred, which is amazing considering all that had to go into the process. There are thousands of students that must be alerted, but before this could happen, they had to first get all the details so that they could properly inform everyone. They also put the suspects picture on the school website, so that everyone could be on the lookout. This is a prime example of crisis control, the situation was very unfortunate and everyone wishes that it could have completely been avoided, but it still happened and had to be met. The first thing that the school did was probably the best thing, making sure that they got all of the details right before they acted. They also acted in a tiely manner, as to quell any false talk that was no doubt beginning to spred. Crisis control is by far the worst part of the field, but it is a neccessary evil.  No one wants tragedies to happen but when they do happen, the PR teams must  be prepared to act.


2 Responses to “Class Response: UGA Shooting”

  1. Jacqueline Says:

    When I forst found out about the shooting it really scared me. Having so many friends that go to UGA and going to a school not that far away the shooting really hit close to home. I hope that if one ever happened at GSU the crisis control would act as quickly if not quicker.

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