Class Response: Personal online presence

computer-manVirtually once a week in class, we talk about how important it is that when we go out into the job market that we have a credible online presence.  When our future employers search our name in a major online search engine, such as Google, they want to make sure that someone who will be in their company, and on their payroll, has at least the presence of mind to make sure that they try too keep a good name for themselves.  When the person that is ultimately incharge of hiring a person, they want to see positive things at the top of the search.  Positive things include a blog presence, being a member of of professional club or organization, and other things along those lines.  Things that they do not want to see are wild pictures of you and your friends having a night on the town.  There is nothing wrong with having fun, but it is not something that the world needs to see.  We decided as a class that at least once a week you need to search your name online, just to manage your presence.  For a major company, this is different.  They have so much that they have to worry about because anyone can mention your company and you have nothing to do with it, but you must respond to it.  This is one way in which Twitter can be very useful.  The Twitter operator for the company has the responsibility to quell anything that may be falsely said about the company, for a person however, the process is more manageable.


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