Chapter 6 Summary: Program Planning

Program palnning is the next step in the PR process, following research.  This is extremely important because this is the step of the plan when the team decides how they are to attack the situation that they are currently facing.  Each situation is different and requires a different plan is maximum success is goin to be achieved.  The team must realize that everyone that they are trying to reach must be approached in a separete way, depending upon their involvment in the situtaion.  This is referred to as Management by Objective (MBO).  A stratigic plannign model is typically put into place.  This consists of four separate sections:

1. Facts

  • Category facts: What are recent industry trends?
  • Product/service issues: What are the signifigant characteristics of the product, service or issue?
  • Competitive facts: Who are the competitors, and what are their competitive strengths, similarities and differneces?
  • Customer facts: Who uses the product and why?

2. Goals

  • Business objectives: What are the company’s business objectives? What is the time frame?
  • Role of public relations: How does public relations fit into the marketing mix?
  • Sources of new business: What sectors will produce growth?

3. Audience

  • Target audiences: What are the target audiences? What are their hot bottoms?
  • Current mind-set: How do the audiences feel about the product service, or issue?
  • Desired mind-set: How do we want them to feel?

4. Key message

  • Main point: What one key message must be conveyed to change or reinforce mind-sets?

Once all of these things are considered, the proper program plan can be formulated so the the goals of the team can be achieved.  Each goal has a different way that it must be reached and the team must be dedicated to stick to the plan which they have set.  The last key to having a successful program plan is having an attainable time table in place, so the team will stayed motivated.  They also must have set, clear objectives and goals which they are trying to reach.  If the team stays dedicated, they will succeed.


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