Chapter 4 Summary: PR Departments and Firms

The importance to divide up the work in a PR firm is growing on a daily basis due to the complexity of today’s business environment. There are so many different things that must be done if a PR campaign is to be successful that not one person, or team at that, can do everything that is necessary. In order to make sure that everything goes as seamlessly as it should, a division of power is put into place. at the top of the chain sits the manager, sometimes called the director or vice president. This person is the overseer of the entire project, putting people in charge of certain teams. This job may seem easy but many years of dedication and hard work was put into achieving this position. If the team succeeds the manager will receive credit, but if one piece of the plan goes wrong, all of the responsibility falls on his shoulders. Under the manager sits the line managers, the leaders of the various teams that is in charge of each piece of the plan. Each of these line managers has a team under him who is at his disposal to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Public relations is a staff functions due to the deep complexities of the field so every member of the team is essential to the success of the overall success of the project. Another thing that businesses can do instead of having an inhouse PR department is to outsouce the job to a PR firm. Firms manage the entire PR side of the businesses which they represent, handling such things as

  • executive speech training
  •  research and evalutions
  •  crisis communication
  • media analysis
  •  public affairs
  •  event management

along with a slew of other things. This is becoming the more common trend in the business arena today but there are some flaws, such as only having an overview of the business they are representing and costs, but typically the pros outweigh the cons, explaining the new trend.


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