NFL Draft: A PR Creation

footballThe beast that is the NFL draft is a thing that has been builded and molded into what it is today through many years of public relations. When ESPN ( began to cover the draft over twenty years ago, it was nothing more than a stuffy conference room filled with old executives, picking players no one has ever heard of. Thoday it has turned into some much more than that; it is built up for months, with mock drafts coming out the second that the season ends. Hours upon hours are dedicated to the draft, ginving air time to tens of eperts and former players giving their reasons as to why certain players should go to certain teams. The draft itself has become an event, with die hard fans packing Radio City Music Hall, decked out in thier full tema game, complete with face paint and all. All of these things can be credited the the public relations team of the NFL. They took a mundane event into the most exciting thing of the offseason, drawing attention to their organization year round, despite the fact the the actual season is only about six months. They filled the building with people who seem as though as their lives hang in the balance to give the telecast a feel of excitement, despite the fact that the first round alone lasted three and a half hours. There are alot of things that can be taken from this as far as public relations are concerned, but the thing that I most got out of it was them turning a conference room into a football haven. They took some of the responsibility of adding excitement off their own shoulders and put it on the shoulders of the fans, who thrive at this. The PR team took advantage of their available resources and is it to their advantage, and creating one of the biggest days for one of the biggest companies in the world


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