Chapter 2 Summary: Early history of PR

Public relations can find its roots in the oldest civilizations on earth.  The Rosetta Stone, possibly the oldest known artifact on earth might have actually been a public relations relsease, telling the people in the city of the great accomplishments of their ruler, much the same way the white house does today.  The next  known forms of public relations can be found in the churches of the ancient world.  The religious leaders had the attention of the people at all times because they were believed to be their only connection with the gods.  The people hung one the priests every word so this gave the priests ample opportunity to tell the people what ever it was they wanted them to hear.  The early empires of the world also had well skilled public relations people in place to proclaim their accomplishments to the people.  Both the Greeks and the Romans took advantage of their position of power and told the people only what it was they wanted them to hear.  Julius Cesaer was the first to have written a book proclaiming his great feats and setting in place in the minds of the people that he could actually lead them, which he one day would do.  Whenever he would return home from a great victory, parades were held in the streets in the honor of himself and his men.  The merchants in middle age venice were the first to practice the art of investment PR.  They had to convince their investors that they were reliable enough that they could be trusted.  This never has nor never will be an easy task.


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