91.9 The Buzz

My freshman year at Georgia Southern i began an internship at the campus radio station, 91.9 The Buzz.  I started off as a producer on the sports talk show, The Big and Nasty Buzz Blitz.  My job didnt consist of much work, I simply answered the phone and got people drinks when they were thirsty.  The longer that I was there however, my opinions began to be heard and I began to get small spots on the weekday afternoon talk show.  After a few months of this, they split the shows talent into two separte shows and I got a spot on the second show.  I loved this job because I got to broadcast my thoughts and feelings across the air, for the world to hear.  This was great until school end and the shows got cancelled for the summer.  Once school started back however, football season came along with it, and with this came many more opportunities.  At the beginning of the season, I got to run the pregame show from the studio while the rest of the crew was at the game.  I was somewhat dissappointed with this, but I did love the chance to get more opportunity.  I was in charge of running the sound board, which controlled the entire broadcast.  I knew this was my chance to show that I was ready for whatever they wanted to throw at me.  They rewarded me with the chance to be on the sideline for the last three home games of the season, giving me the best view of the game, and a chance to feel that I had actually done something.  I know that this will help me with building my resume later in my life, but it was also a great time that allowed me to meet great people.


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