Twitter Round 2

twitterFor class, we had to get back into the twitter world. This time around, I felt that the experience was alot better because I was more familiar with the goings on of the network. I have noticed that since we were first assigned to tweet, the world as a whole has more caught on to the trend. This made it better to me because there were more people available that I wanted to follow. Professional athletes and businesses are just a few of the groups that have made their presence on twitter felt and this only adds to the experience. The more widely diverse the people that are available, the more diverse the information that you can gain from it. I still only see twitter as a social network and have still yet to get the full fledged wealth of information that is avaiable, but the more comfortable that I become with it, the more I can gain out of it. This second run through has opened me up more than before and I think that I will maintain a strong presence after this because I am actually starting to enjoy it.
another part of this particular assignment was to find three more PR professionals to follow, and then give reasons why we selected them. The three I have chosen were each picked for their own particular reason. The first one that i selected was  @j9PR, based in New York. The reason that i chose this is because it is a fashion and beauty pr firm. This was something that i have no experience with so I thought it would be a good choice. The tweeter also has a strong twitter presence and has a few tweets to President Obama asking how he plans to help small businesses. This shows that the firm is dedicated to its clients, a very good trait to have. The next is NVSPR @NVSPR, They are based out of LA. What drew me to them was the fact that a majority of their tweets were plugs for their clients or either words on their own success. This gives off the idea once again that the client comes first, but also that this is a confident, powerful firm who definately has some things from which I can learn. The third is @jrpublicity. This firm has two offices, one in San Diego, and the other in New York.  This is what drew me to them, the fact that they get feed from both sides of the country, which differ greatly, so this is very important.  They are a lifestyle firm that represents restuarants, night clubs, ect.  This interested me because it is something that I have though about doing myself.  They post tweets on specials that their clients are having, using twitter as their own form of advertising, which is a brilliant idea.  I have gotten alot more out of twitter this time and I plan to use it for the future, hopefully gaining something that can help me with my professional career.

You can find me at @cjustin101 on Twitter.


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