Higher Education

As i was sitting through my music appreciation class today, I began to wonder why it was that I was in here.  As a public relations major, I can with confidnece say that I will not be using very much of the information that I have to listen to in this class for anything once I am no longer in the class.  I have thought this my whole life, having sat through my fair share of Biologys and Calculus classes, but now as I have to pay for my higher education, I am beginning to be more annoyed with the fact that I dont need 95% of what I am being forced to learn.  Granted, some of the information is interesting and entertains me, but so does Sportscenter, and this will help me none in my professional life.  I am simply asking that whoever it is that is in charge of students cirriculums tries to put some more things in the class room that will help me in the conference room.  Logerithims and chemical formulas may be the accepted education right now, but conference calls and research methods would help me alot more in ten years.  I have already decided the direction that i would like my life to follow, so now i will begin to take classes that have to do with that, but if i had only been in classes like these for a few years, I would be ready to enter the work force and contribute to the world, instead of being stuck in music, counting the seconds until i can leave.


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