F%#& parking attendants

today I have learned how much I hate parking attendants.  They hide in the bushes and wait for some poor innocent college student to park their car and then the second the dissappear into the building in which they are trying to further their education, some punk with nothing better to do gives them a ticket, which is outlandish, especially since the students pay outragious amounts in students fees as it is.  They should put into effect some plan that says once a student has paid to park anywhere on campus, they should be allowed to park anywhere on campus.  Especailly when the parking lot that they paid to park in is full because parking and transportation has over booked it.  The whole parking thing is a scam on virtually every campus across the country but here at Georgia Southern, it is especially trashy.  The people in the office are uncooperative and down right rude most of the time.  They have no concern about the reasons behind the so called “misparked” car, and care only about the money that they will collect for the ticket.  The students pay tuition and fees and yet the school finds another way to scam money out of the students pockets.  The world as a whole has enter an economic recession and this is in no way helping.  I dont not know where the money goes that they collect from the tickets, but if i had a guess, they could do without it.  If they simply asked me to pay for something I would perhaps be more cooperative, but to simply swindle the money from students, thats just wrong.


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