Interview with a PR professional

When I was considering who I wanted to interview for this assignment, I immediately thought of my good friend Kyle Calloway.  Kyle and I attended the same high school, although he graduated three years before me.  He is now currently employed as an insurance represenative for an insurance company in the local area.  He asked the that exact name of the company not be mentioned, so i will oblidge with his request.  We sat down for lunch one day for a Q&A and this is that interview.

Justin Pilgrim (me): So Kyle, what first got you interested in this line of work?

KC: That’s easy.  ever since I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do is talk, so I figured why not make it my living.  I enjoy it and it is constantly changing.  That excitement makes it very appealing.

JP: What would you say is the most important thing someone that is entering the field should know?

KC: I would have to say that you will not always succeed.  People sometimes are rock solid about how they feel and no matter what you do or say, some people will just never change.  That rejection was the toughest thing for me to cope with, but if I had known it was coming, I could have been more prepared for it.  Just be ready for it, it will happen.

JP: well now that we know the worst part, what would you say is the most rewarding part?

KC: The most rewarding part is definately the fact that you learn something new every day.  I am constantly talking to new people who are full of new ideas.  I try to keep an open mind and take as much from each of those conversations as possible.

JP: Speaking of new things, I know that it is not so much new to you as it is to the older people in your field, but how do you feel about various social networks, facebook, twitter, ect.?

KC: Like you said, I have been around things like this for years so it’s just normal for me, but for the older people i work with it can be a chore.  I think they are definatley a valuable tool just because it makes meeting new people so much easier.  Every new person you meet knows something that you don’t, its these little things that will help you succeed.  My motto in life is that you should try to learn something new every day, and these things definately help with that.

JP: This sounds like solid advice.  Is there anything else that you want to tell anyone that wants to go into the PR field?

KC: I have pretty much given you all the advice I have.  Be ready for rejection because it will come, I promise.  Be open to suggestions, everyone has something that you can take from them that can help you, no matter what.  I guess my best advice is to be able to adapt.  The world around us is always changing, and we have to be able to change with it.


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