Ten Tips for Job Interviews

1) The first tip for job interviewing is to appear professional. This requires showing up on time, dressed appropriately, and practicing proper ettiquite (standing when someone enters the room, ect.)
2) The second step is to have a good resume prepared that will catch the attention on the future employer. This is necessary to even get the interview.
3) The third tip is to be persistant, sending thank you letters to the people that interviewed you. This reminds the employer who you are.
4) The fourth tip is to dress professionally, regardless to the dress of the people currently working there. They already have the job.
5) The fifth tip is to alert your references that they may receive a call regarding you. The more prepared they are, the better reference they are.
6) The sixth tip is to silence your phone before entering the interview. This is the most important thing going on and you do not need any interuptions.
7) Do your research on the company. Make sure the company does not practice anything that you are not morally willing to do.
8) Be aware if relocation is necessary. You do not want to receive the job and then be forced to give it up because you are not ready to move.
9) Know how to properly pronouce the names of all the interviewers. Nothing is as awkward as mispronouncing someones name to their face.
10) Finally, relax. They asked you in for the interview so you must possess some qualities that they like, so just be yourself.


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